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Interactive Performace

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Focus Groups

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Ambassador Program

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Daniel Sparrow

Daniel Sparrow

West End theatre producer

“I was completely taken aback at how powerfully their brand of storytelling impacted upon their audience. The impact of their theatrical presentation was moving and impressive, and important.”

Colin Cox

Colin Cox

District Commander, Essex Police

Really impactful, with a definite ‘Penny Drop’ moment about healthy relationships and what is unacceptable. We all have a part to play.”

Sarah Ellis

Sarah Ellis

CEO of Theatre Inspiring Change

“Our work is about empowering humans. And their behaviour. And the choice to change. We are theatre inspiring that change"


"The thing I learnt most from seeing the show was how sexism can often be quiet and subtle.”

SLT Member

SLT Member

Bishops Stortford High School

“It has reminded me of the need to keep this very important issue live and current across the staff. We all have the responsibility to act and to do so with confidence and authority, and not let incidents (however small) go unchallenged.”




“I’ve seen the work that this theatre company do and the change that it facilitates. This works. And not only does this work, but it is also so important, not only today, but tomorrow and into the future”



Consent opens up the discussion of what consent means and how to spot the early warning signs of it being broken. We explore healthy relationships, peer pressure, coercion, society’s expectations, alcohol, the right say no post previously Read more…


BOY tackles HBT and identity based bullying. BOY junior is targeted to Year 5/6. BOY senior is targeted to Year 7 to Year 13. Each performance differentiated to the year group watching. BOY’s story follows the Read more…

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