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Stronger Together

This new production is being researched, devised, written and produced with Safer Streets money from Colchester council.
There will be an adult show and events as well as a young people’s show going into education.
Exploring misogyny and sexism and violence of against women and girls, we will tour focus groups, the show, Ambassador Programme and teacher training.

The creation of Stronger Together for young people will revolve around schools and community groups for young people in Colchester.

You are invited to apply to be part of the project which will include:

  • A drama-based focus group.
  • Applied theatre performance of StrongerTogether with interactive workshop.
  • Ambassador Programme.
  • Teacher training.

All happening at your school with the Theatre Inspiring Change team.

Focus groups.

The focus group is an opportunity for your young people to explore the issues around the project. And in particular the rise of toxic narrative ie Andrew Tate.

We come to you and work with 30 of your KS3 or KS4 (tbc) young people, looking at misogyny, sexism and the reality of being a young person in Britain today. We will also look at language, communication and teamworking skills.

Theatre performance and workshop.

Our product is an applied theatre performance with an interactive workshop. The performance part leads into the workshop section, where the participants are invited to walk in the shoes of the characters and get the chance to go back in time to put things right.

The performance/workshop is a 2 hours long experience with 4 actors and a facilitator.

  • All we need is a performance space – a large room, hall or designated performance space without raked seating. (No sports halls please.)
  • And a chair for every audience member.
  • You can have up to two performances per day.
  • Audience is to be up to 75 people per performance.

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