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Mental Health Workshop

We are concerned about the mental health of our young people as they head back to schools after so long away. Anxiety, isolation, fear & feeling out of control to name just a few. Our mental health workshop uses our unique interactive theatre experience that has been adapted so it fits into your classroom.


It’s not enough to not be racist.  Empowering your young people to be anti-racist and become Equity Ambassadors. Looking at the roots of info and how our young people can negotiate through what they read/hear/share in order to work out what to pass on. How to access the full truth and explore those questions they aren’t quite sure how to ask.

Domestic Abuse

Empower your young people to become Healthy Relationship Ambassadors. Through drama we explore the warning signs of unhealthy relationships, how to recognise them in our own relationships as well as others, how to communicate change, and where to go for help.

Bullying & Cyber Bullying

Combatting bullying, face to face or through the web or social media.  Through drama we explore how to successfully negotiate your way through a healthy internet presence and emotional resilience, as well as tools to keep yourself safe.

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